From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people. —

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This is true guys. So true.

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The face she gives me when she wants to get on the couch

let her on the damn couch you monster


Glamor shots for X Factor 2014 promo

More shots here


i saw this on urban and was mesmerized

like the boot / sock / tight / pose together is EvEryYTHING tHIS IS WHY I LOVE FSAHIONJ

Usher did not write Confessions for y’all to still be having side chicks

Some people hide their sadness very well. —Khaled Hosseini, And The Mountains Echoed (via broadens)



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Its not just about sex… Don’t get me wrong sex is fucking great… But when you have a connection with someone… When you feel so strong for someone… Just a kiss is enough to make your knees weak… You just cant beat that… —kbfoto (via heylookitstimmy)

If a significant other makes you choose between your relationship and a friendship I strongly consider anyone to rethink the situation, specifically their view.

No one has the right to tell you who your friends are or who you can be friends with. I don’t expect anyone to dump their relationship, though it’s always an option, there are other options.

Insecurity blows and I’m tired of it. I try to make friends with the girlfriends because I know once they meet me it’s over. I don’t know what it is, but I lose a goddamn friendship (no matter the shit show it was) because of whatever reason.

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